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29th January, 2016
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I’ve been sewing garments for myself and my family for years. It’s my hobby. They always have special claims, and expect something special and unique. Every time our friends see one of these garments on my husband or kids, they start to beg me to make them the same garment. Well, after several requests I started to think if this designing and sewing can work as a venture. I design the garments and prepare them in limited number. Customers get unique, numbered garments with their name on the label. They will never see their garments on others, which I hate when it happens to me.

So, after giving birth to two kids, I decided no to go back to the multinational company I’ve been working for, but to start Michelle Maureen, my exclusive fashion brand. My friends encouraged me, even though they still think I am too ambitious and reckless. When I told them my idea to crowdfund my venture in 1 hour, which would be a world record, they said that I was stupid. Although I have no idea how to make this happen, my husband stood by me, and gave all his support. I won my first battle.

So I will start a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. I have already chosen my BIG DAY. I challenge you to come to my Indiegogo campaign page on the BIG DAY, and get a perk within 1 hour from starting my campaign.

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