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Fascinating Facts You Must Know About Leggings

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Leggings made of stretch texture, initially worn by artists, tumblers, gymnasts, despite the fact that tights are like pantyhose. It is made by skin tight, with piece of clothing for the lower some portion of the body and the legs. We all know this, but you might not know these seven awesome facts:


Without Joseph Shivers we would no have leggings today. He was a chemist, and invented lycra (aka spandex) in 1958 - the fabric leggings are made of.


In past, leggings was a unisex garment. Today, 99 % of yoga pants available are made for ladies (up from 94 percent a year ago). What's more, men pay a normal of $6 more per pair than women do. I love bundle deals like this one.



Americans burned through $ on yoga dress, classes, gear, and accessories in 2016. Are you one of them? Check this out ;-)


Right around 70 distinct brands make leggings, creating a sum of 8,574 styles. Number of styles was doubled in one year. 



A type of tights called "Pantalettes" was worn under skirts by nineteenth Century ladies, young ladies and little young men.


They were worn as a protective layer by men in fourteenth century.



It is trusted that leggings has their origin in Scotland.

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