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Michelle Maureen Story

"I'm addicted to creating exciting garments that attract other's praise and compliments."

Michelle Maureen HXG Collections leggings and top

After working 10 years as a business consultant and giving birth to three boys I decided to pursue my passion. I started sewing unique garments, which I loved so much. However to build a business I needed something scaleable. I made up my mind and started a sports garment brand focusing only on designing the clothes.

Kids with me

Since fitness and workout is essential part of my life, I decided to start with workout leggings, tops and accessories. I want you to feel awesome in my garments, and collect praises and compliments every time you enter to a gym or you meet your friends. 

I wish you won't miss the warm feeling when spotting envious and jealous looks while working out or just hanging around in my awesome garments. 

I also noticed that once I've invested in something, I became committed to it. This is especially true when it comes to daily workout or other fitness activities. Once you invest in your daily workout, the investment starts to motivate you. So I made out three motivation packages for you to start.

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